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Sophia Racing at the 19th Formula SAE Japan competition (2019)

About us

   We are a student-run racing team by members from Sophia University’s Sophia Racing and Aoyama Gakuin University’s AGRC. We have been participating in Formula SAE events since 2000, under the motto of "Prove to the world~真価の証明", which symbolize our wish to prove that Japanese students' carmaking skills are world-class.

   Our team has members coming from a diverse variety of backgrounds studying in different fields, both from STEM fields such as engineering and from non-STEM fields such as economics and law. No matter what field we study in university, all our members work hard to accomplish the common goal of building a car that will lead us to victory, working as a team and overcoming challenges associated with building a complex machine that is a racing car.

  We also participate in different sponsor meetings and events, and open campus events held at the university.


Fun Facts About Us

Location: Section of the thermodynamics laboratory 

Software we use: We design different parts using Creo Parametric 4.0 CAD software and various CAE programs. We also use various tools to help with simulating and verifying our designs. 



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